Personal Benefit Statement

Section One

Make sure that your name and mailing address are correct. Click here if you need to update your address or other personal information.

The Plan status box shows the number of vesting years as of the previous December (if not vested). If you are not vested and need to change jobs or stop working, try to avoid an interruption in service by completing 250 covered hours per calendar year.

Vesting is your right to receive a future benefit from the Plan. Click here for information about vesting. If you are not vested and need to change jobs, go on a reduced work schedule or stop working in covered employment, try to avoid a complete loss of benefits by working at least 250 covered hours per calendar year. Otherwise, if you have more years away from covered employment than your years of vesting service, you can suffer a complete forfeiture of service and lose all your Plan benefits. If you're not vested when you reach age 65, special vesting rules may apply. Even if you're already vested, you also need to maintain your recent coverage so you can get the most from your benefits.

If you believe you have additional vesting years through entering the Plan as a member of a new group, contact your Area Administrative Office.

The Area Administrative Office listed here is where Bob's Plan records are kept. This is the office he should call if he has questions. Contact the Area Administrative Office shown in section one of your statement if you have questions.